Rubber to the is a collection of favorite bicycle rides in the Portland, Oregon area — the online companion to the popular Rubber to the Road ride guide books. Enjoy colorful ride descriptions, print-friendly directions — even course files to download for your phone or GPS device.
Rubber to the Road was initiated as a benefit for the Bicycle Transportation Alliance and the Community Cycling Center. Don't make karma give you a flat tire - donate your time or resources to these great organizations.

Featured Ride

Larch Madness

Length: 71 Miles
Elevation Gain: 5172 ft

There is no mistaking just what you’ll be doing on this ride by looking at the profile. Larch Madness really only has one blip on the radar. And it’s the biggest climb with the highest elevation in this series. Topping out at 4045 ft, it dwarfs its nearest competitor by about 2200 ft. However the climb itself is spectacular, as is the incredible view at the top. (read more).