Castle Ride

Length: 31 Miles
Direction: Counter Clockwise
Elevation Gain: 1576 ft
Highest Point: 429 ft
Recommended Gearing: Standard Gearing

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The Castle Ride actually does pass a real castle located in Camas, WA. After stumbling across it in the distance one day off of 283rd Ave, I did a little research online and found a few tidbits from this link:

It would seem the castle was built in 1985 and is complete with a moat and drawbridge. When looking up this ride on zoom in with the satellite view for an overhead look. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that you’ll be able to get too close in person. There are private property signs at the entrance to the castle on Nourse Rd. I chose to respect this and just snapped a few photos from a distance.

But there is more to the ride than just the castle. The stretch alongside LaCamas Lake is outstanding. On the west side, you’ll see many new homes. On the east side, there are very few. One house in particular looks like an early 1900 era home and a little bit of paradise.

At 1576ft of elevation gain, there is limited climbing on this ride. It’s a nice loop for an easy ride…when you want to go look at castles and cruise along lakeside. Year round, you’ll enjoy this one.

Outstanding roads right along the lakeNext to the castle, bear carvings of courseLaCamas LakeDowntown Camas awaits

2 Responses to “Castle Ride”

  1. Kris Says:

    SE Evergreen Highway is an AWFUL road to ride. Very jagged and torn up highway. Make sure your wheels are STRONG! Along with the nasty 205 bike path and basically no shoulder on any of these roads, I give this ride a thumbs down.

  2. Jacob Says:

    Sorry to hear that. I loved it and took Evergreen on numerous other adventures. The ride is in the country and as with any adventure out of town, there aren’t really going to be any shoulders to speak of.

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