Castle Ride – Directions

Length: 31 Miles
Direction: Counter Clockwise
Elevation Gain: 1576 ft
Highest Point: 429 ft
Recommended Gearing: Standard Gearing

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Tips for the ride: Starting and ending on Marine Drive, the Castle Ride offers a variety of ways to access the beginning of the loop. There is also a parking lot if you choose to drive to the start location.

-Begin at the I-205 bike path and Marine Drive

-Follow signs to continue on I-205 path proceeding North across Columbia River

-Exit the bike path onto SE 23rd St

-Left on Ellsworth Rd

-Left on Evergreen Hwy

-Keep Right to stay on Evergreen Hwy/SW 6th Ave

-Right on NW 6th Ave

-Right on Adams St

-Left on 4th Ave

-Right on Garfield St

-Left on 3rd Ave

-Left on Crown Rd

-Crown becomes 283rd Ave (castle will be visible to your left)

-Left on Nourse Rd (castle will be visible to your left)

-Nourse becomes 15th St/43rd Ave

-Right on Everett St/500

-Immediate Left on Leadbetter Rd

-Leadbetter becomes 232nd Ave

-Left on 28th St

-28th becomes Goodwin Rd

-Left on Friberg St/202nd Ave

-Right on 1st St

-Left on 192nd Ave

-Right on 15th St

-Left on 160th Ave

-Right on Village Loop

-Right on McGillivray Blvd

-McGillivray becomes 10th St

-Left on Ellsworth Rd/Ave

-Left on 23rd St

-Enter I-205 Bike Path on your Left

-Follow I-205 Bike Path back to start at Marine Dr

3 Responses to “Castle Ride – Directions”

  1. Teressa Says:

    We did this ride today. It came out to 29.9 miles. There was a long stretch through downtown Vancouver and Camas as well as a long road with only about 6 inches of space. Neither of which were so fun to ride. Passing by LaCamas lake was nice, but we missed the castle somehow. Overall a B-

  2. Jacob Says:

    Thanks Teresa. I’m confused about the 6 inches of space. Most rides do not have bike lanes for any considerable length. It’s more likely the line indicates the edge of the road rather than a shoulder. I hope you’ll do it again and see the castle and upgrade your rating!

  3. Perry Says:

    Did this ride at end of August with my wife and son. Good fun ride. Evergreen Hwy needs some attention it was very rough. The rest of the ride was great

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