Clackamas River Cruise – Directions

Length: 38 Miles
Direction: Clockwise
Elevation Gain: 1974 ft
Highest Point: 507 ft
Recommended Gearing: 39X23 or equivalent

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Tips for the ride: Having recently discovered Old River Rd, which parallels Willamette Dr, consider detouring here also. Take a look at the map and begin the detour at Cedar Oak Dr. There is also a bike path section that runs through George Rogers Park.

Note: While the Oregon City Bridge is under construction, cyclists may need to wait for a shuttle to get them across the Willamette River.

-Begin on the Eastbank Esplanade Bike Path under the Hawthorne Bridge at the Vera Katz memorial statue

-Proceed South on the Eastbank Esplanade Path. Pass under the Hawthorne bridge and turn Left onto path leading to Hawthorne Blvd heading Eastbound.

-Enter Hawthorne Blvd.

-Right on Ladd Ave

-Left on Division St

-Immediate Right on 21st Ave

-Left on Clinton St

-Right on 51st Ave

-Left on Woodward St

-Left on 75th Ave

-Right on Division St

-Right on 92nd Ave

-92nd Ave becomes Bob Schumacher Rd

-Bob Schumacher becomes Stevens Rd

-Left on Sunnyside Rd

-Right on 152nd Dr

-Left on Carver Rd/Hwy 212/224

-Right on Hwy 224/Market Rd 39

-Right on Market Rd 39/Clackamas Hwy over bridge

-Right on Clackamas River Dr

-Clackamas River Dr becomes Washington St

-Right on 14th St

-Left on Main St

-Right on 7th St/Willamette Dr/Hwy 43

-Stay Right to follow Willamette Dr/Hwy 43

-Willamette Dr becomes State St

-At State St/Hwy 43 and Terwilliger Blvd turn Left onto Tryon Creek State Park bike path

-Follow path as it parallels Terwilliger Blvd

-Exit path at Boones Ferry and return to Terwilliger heading North

– Follow Terwilliger past OHSU Hospital then turn Right at bottom to stay on Terwilliger

-Terwilliger becomes 6th Ave (Take cautions as 6th Ave parallels railroad tracks)

-Right on Madison St

-As you cross 99W/Naito Pkwy enter sidewalk to cross Hawthorne Bridge

-Exit sidewalk to your Right after crossing bridge to Eastbank Esplanade

-Right on Eastbank Esplanade path

-Follow path South back to Start

4 Responses to “Clackamas River Cruise – Directions”

  1. Melia Says:

    Tried to do this route on 4/17/11… but got to Oregon City only to find that the bridge is closed for repairs until October 2012! The only other bridge is the I-205 bridge which didn’t look like a fun option.

    Ended up coming back the way we came (mostly) though we found some detours to make things more interesting and enjoyed a steady climb up the side of Mt. Scott at 122nd (which turns into 132nd and then Deardorff Rd), flying down the other side till we met up with Foster and then took the springwater cooridor back into SE Portland.

  2. admin Says:

    My understanding is that there’s a bike shuttle ferrying riders around the Oregon City bridge, though I have no idea when it runs, or how long you have to wait. Not an ideal situation for a good bike ride in any case. I’ll put a big bold warning on this ride, until the bridge construction is finished. Your improvised return sounds like a lot of fun. Thanks for letting us know how it went!

  3. Walter Says:

    I didn’t read Melia’s comment until after I returned from this ride . . . Instead of turning around or taking the ferry, as admin suggests, I did this: doubled back a little to take 99E to Gladstone, got on McLoughlin Blvd, then cut over to River Rd., which eventually turns back into McLoughlin Blvd., turned left on Harrison to get on Milwaukie Ave., turned left on Umatila St., then right on the Eastbank Esplanade . . . I know these aren’t the best directions, but if you have a decent map it should be fairly easy to route out.

  4. sam Says:

    Here is the schedule and shuttle location info:

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