Council Crest

Length: 20 Miles
Direction: Clockwise
Elevation Gain: 2245 ft
Highest Point: 1085 ft
Recommended Gearing: 39X25 or equivalent

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Council CrestIf you’ve been to the top of Larch Mountain, you have probably seen the viewpoint that offers views of many of the surrounding mountains. Council Crest has a similar viewing area and is well worth a trip to the top at 1085 ft. A quick look at the profile of the ride shows that you’ll steadily climb all the way to the aptly named ‘Crest’.

I really like this ride because it takes in 2200 feet of climbing in only 20 miles and is all within the city. But a good portion of the ride will have you forget that you haven’t left town. The climb of Westwood Dr is somewhat reminiscent of riding in San Francisco (if you like it, check out the San Francisco Treat in Portland ride) and then takes a rural turn on Fairmount Blvd.

After Council Crest small and secluded roads abound finally taking you to Washington Park. A look at the accompanying photos really shows what kind of great roads are available right here in Portland. Fairview Blvd is pretty well your last climb and then it’s all a general descent back to downtown.

This ride can be extended quite easily by turning left onto Skyline Blvd once on Barnes Rd. But don’t miss Washington Park if you haven’t been through it before. Just ride longer tomorrow.

Yet another outstanding road I'd never been onA peek at Mt HoodFischer AveNumerous plaques on Council Crest provide information of nearby mountains

6 Responses to “Council Crest”

  1. Carl Davis Says:

    this is a truly beautiful ride, certainly one that would be perfect to take an out of town visitor to show them the city . . .

  2. Jeremy Watson Says:

    hmmm- just make sure that your aforementioned out of town visitor has some beefy, Portlander-ish legs before taking off. While not exactly brutal, it certainly will take a beginner or rusty intermediate out of the realm of “pretty and fun” and slightly across the line into “What were you thinking? Wait for me you sadistic jerk!”

  3. Jacob Says:

    we aim to please 😉

  4. Scott Rich Says:

    From Tacoma, visiting PDX. Just did this ride — tough is an understatement!
    Glad we could have good food and beer at the end of it.

  5. Jacob Says:

    You can always count on good food and beer in Portland. I hope the view was clear at the top!

  6. Robert Says:

    Visiting Portland from NYC. We did this ride yesterday and it was awesome. Tough, but awesome. Incredible views and a great workout.

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