Eastside City Tour

Length: 28 Miles
Direction: Counter Clockwise
Elevation Gain: 1083 ft
Highest Point: 516 ft
Recommended Gearing: No major challenges on this ride

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Troutdale has numerous artwork displaysOne has to go out of their way to find a ride with 1000ft or less of elevation gain around Portland. The Eastside City Tour isn’t a challenging ride, but one you can tackle when looking for an easy day on the bike. If you haven’t yet checked out what lies on the east side of town between Portland and, well let’s just call it what it is- heaven to the east, then take a tour.

In our commuter series of rides, we stress the number of different options beside Powell Blvd and Division St. Well that is true west of the I-205. However, on the east side, Powell Blvd has a wide bike lane its entire distance and is a rather nice route indeed. In fact as busy as Powell Blvd is in Portland, it is conversely rather quiet and pleasant in the opposite direction. Powell passes straight through downtown Gresham, which has a look and feel of being truly its own town- independent of its big neighbor. Once it ends, turn left and follow Troutdale Blvd into the town of Troutdale.

If you have the time, a quick right on the Columbia River Hwy where Troutdale Blvd ends will take you to a host of small shops and a few coffee options as well. On a nice day, Troutdale is a great stop for this ride. Otherwise, if you just need water, go east one block to the park and fill up at the fountain.

Head back to Portland via Halsey St. This is another road that would seemingly be overrun with traffic. It does indeed have a wide area but the lights on the route are limited and the bike lane lasts all the way back to 92nd Ave. Turn north briefly until Tillamook St and take this to 74th Ave. The bridge on 74th will get you over the I-84 and a pleasant ride through neighborhoods of the NE will take you back to Mt Tabor.

Nicer roads than you'd expectLooking east on Troutdale Rd

2 Responses to “Eastside City Tour”

  1. Jean M Says:

    Great route! I rode it this morning and had a couple of suggestions:

    1. The stretch along Powell before Powell Valley tended to have a lot of shattered glass. That’s an area with a lot of restaurant and bars and convenience stores, so there is always bound to be glass.

    2. The stretch down 74th jogs left at Halsey, which was a little confusing–perhaps that could be clarified in the directions.

    Thanks for a great resource!

  2. Bec Says:

    This ride is straightforward, which is nice. Otherwise, meh. The only real nice stretches are around Troutdale and once you reach the Tabor neighborhood. To ride out on Powell and then have the “reward” of a return on Halsey…I kind of asked myself why I was doing this ride. Next time I might just extend the route by traveling out via Springwater and returning via Marine Drive.

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