Eastside Hillwork

Length: 44 Miles
Direction: Clockwise
Elevation Gain: 3421 ft
Highest Point: 1073 ft
Recommended Gearing: 39X25 or equivalent

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Note: While the Oregon City Bridge is under construction, cyclists may need to wait for a shuttle to get them across the Willamette River.

On a clear day the best view of Mt Hood is atop Mt ScottThe west hills aren’t the only place to get in a good hill workout. The east side, in fact, has plenty of hard poppers and 1-2 mile grinds that will challenge you.

Work your way east along the Springwater Corridor as you start near downtown or anywhere you can hop onto the route. When you reach 92nd Ave, head south until Johnson Creek Blvd. This quick up and down climb is your first hard effort on the day. And it is steep, so hopefully the Corridor has warmed you up. After descending back to 92nd, your next left onto Idleman Rd will take you up to the high point of the ride at 1073 ft. This is Mt Scott and you’ll have to earn this summit. And you’re not turning around at the top, so there’s no escaping completing the climb.

145th, which winds around and eventually becomes 152nd Dr, is your 3rd climb. It is milder than the first two, but you’ll probably be glad to hear that at this point of the ride. Now the easy way into Oregon City is along Clackamas River Dr. So naturally, we’ll ascend the hills to the south instead. Forsythe Rd is a bit over a mile long. It twists and turns on its way up, but this doesn’t necessarily decrease the gradient.

You’ve now worked your way back towards downtown Portland from the south side, keeping this ride a loop rather than an out and back. But one more climb stands in the way along the Tryon Creek Bike Path. This path is usually not a cause for concern. However if you’ve tackled the earlier climbs on the day with real intent, you will surely feel this one as well. And if you’d rather not take the path, climb up Terwilliger Blvd, which parallels the path instead. Either way, you’re going up.

Drop down Taylors Ferry Rd and cross into Sellwood for your return home. You’ve earned the flat ride along the Eastbank Esplanade so spin out the legs and enjoy that feeling from a good workout completed.

Tryon Creek or Sleepy HollowThe Locks of Willamette Falls

3 Responses to “Eastside Hillwork”

  1. Richard Fitzgerald Says:

    I am new in town and took this ride today. I liked the flowy descents, particularly the shady ones down by the Clackamas.

    I “discovered” that the bridge in West Linn is out until fall of next year. Had to slog up McLaughlin back to Selwood, sucking diesel the whole way!

    Really glad to have found your site. I’ll be sampling heavily.

  2. D Yeh Says:

    I know I need to work on hills so I pick this route. Man, Mt Scott was steep and I almost popped a wheelie when trying to stand up and paddle.

    For those who live in the west side, take Terwilliger Blvd all the way (cross I-5, Hillsdale, OHSU etc) and it will give you another 600ft to complete this route at 4000ft elevation.

    Oregon City Bridge is open as of today (Jan 21, 2012).

  3. wade Says:

    small correction on the cue sheet. where it reads: Right on Market Rd 39/Clackamas Hwy over bridge, Left on Clackamas River Dr, Right on Carver Rd, Right on Forsythe Rd/Gronland Rd, it should read Right on Market Rd 39/Clackamas Hwy over bridge, Left on S. Springwater Road, Right on South Hattan and Right on Gronland Road.

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