Estacada Extravaganza

Length: 82 Miles
Direction: Counter Clockwise
Elevation Gain: 5600 ft
Highest Point: 1585 ft
Recommended Gearing: 39X25 or equivalent

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Squaw Mtn RdIf you have the Rubber to the Road Vol. II book, you may know this ride as the Pygmy Goat ride. However I felt compelled to rename the ride when a detour of the original route led me past the goats altogether. However this detour doesn’t change the best aspects of the ride, only the early directions out of town. Therefore, we have the Estacada Extravaganza, which is one of my favorites. Kudos to Otis Rubottom who compiled the Vol. II edition.

A view of the map of this ride online in ‘terrain view’ shows just how bumpy of a ride you’re in for. Topping out at 5600 feet on the day, as well as nearly 1600 feet as the high point, expect to see few flat sections. But the good news is that this ride primarily does its climbing in the first half, with three major pitches, leaving a few smaller punchy climbs for the way home.

Start your day at Mt Tabor Park and head east on Burnside St until the bike lane ends at 181st Ave. Burnside is a rather efficient way of getting out of town when heading east as well as Halsey, Stark, Marine Dr and Powell Blvd (east of the I-205). An advantage with Burnside is that there are fewer lights and less vehicle traffic thanks to the Max rail line running down the middle of the road. Fewer red lights for the MAX means fewer red lights for you too.

Head south now until Butler Rd and begin your first climb of the day. I stumbled across Butler one day thanks to the construction and temporary closures of the Springwater Corridor and Jenne Rd. However it was a pleasant detour and one that I have taken regularly since, even preferring it over my old routes.

A nice fast descent down 232nd Dr will take you to the 224. But you’re only on it for about a mile until heading south again on Bakers Ferry and then Eaden Rd. This is a nice mix of hilly terrain and pleasant farming and ranching territory. You’re generally traveling up over the next 15 miles until a quick descent takes you into Estacada. At the right turn of the 224, take an evaluation of your food and water situation. The ride is about to get more rural and it will be some time before you can stop again. If you need supplies, turn left here and stop in at a shop or gas station. Then proceed back on the 224 to Surface Rd and your next climb. Engage 39X25 gear here!

Once on Squaw Mountain Rd, you’ll really get a sense of having this ride all to yourself. Climb up into some prime logging territory until temporarily dropping down Porter Rd. But what goes down, riding in Oregon, must go back up right? A small climb still awaits until you do indeed get a break.

When you reach Eagle Fern Park, if the bathrooms are open, this will be your last chance for a free water stop on the ride. Aemisseggar Rd (spelled three different ways on google maps) will be your last major challenge of the day. Once you’re over this, you’ll head through the town of Boring and then head for home.

Follow the directions home or stay on the Springwater Corridor if you like. The Corridor would add perhaps a couple of miles, but would be free of traffic also.

Eagle Fern Park has water, bathrooms and views of the Clackamas RiverYou will have many of the roads on this ride all to yourself

4 Responses to “Estacada Extravaganza”

  1. David Guettler Says:

    An alternative starting point for this and other eastside rides is the Springwater trail. This rail-to-trails multiuse path starts around Sellwood and stays off all roads until the pavement ends at Rudd Road and Telford, almost to Boring.

  2. Sterling Says:

    – Squaw Mountain Rd has been changed to Tumala Mountain Rd.

    – Maltoon Rd is really MATTOON Rd

  3. admin Says:

    Thanks! We’ll get this changed in the directions.

  4. sirbikealot Says:

    The bridge is out on Porter Road. You have to dismount and climb down the bank and cross the creek. Bring cleat covers!

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