Ever Been Here?

Length: 45 Miles
Direction: Counter Clockwise
Elevation Gain: 3764 ft
Highest Point: 733 ft
Recommended Gearing: 39X27 or equivalent

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Cemetery ClimbThis ride was inspired from looking at a map and observing routes that I’ve taken regularly many times. And then deciding to simply detour from those regular streets by just a hair. The result: a completely different adventure that I was totally unaware of previously.

We begin at one of our usual starting locations, the Eastbank Esplanade path, under the Hawthorne Bridge (and only a hop and a skip from River City Bicycles). Proceed east through Ladd’s Addition and then head south via 28th Ave and Bybee Blvd into the Sellwood area. Once you’re over the Sellwood Bridge, climb up through Riverview Cemetery. Please respect this area as you pass through quietly to continue to keep it open for cyclists.

Once you cross over Terwilliger Blvd into the neighborhoods, a good deal of steep climbing awaits until reaching Touchstone St. Drop down into Tualatin and then work your way back up through Stafford. The descent down Turner Rd is amazing as it takes you to Willamette. Then head back into the neighborhoods and back up again. Clark St is an unexpected surprise as it runs through a wilderness park. Then Skyline Dr returns you to Willamette Dr for the trip home. After Lake Oswego, a little bit of climbing remains up the Tryon Creek bike path and along Terwilliger Blvd.

Hopefully, this ride will inspire you to create your own route. A slight detour can change a ride dramatically. And if you have a GPS unit, you can prevent a lot of dead ends also by mapping the ride beforehand.

In the heart of town the roads are still amazingViews from the neighborhoods

6 Responses to “Ever Been Here?”

  1. davidio Says:

    We rode a slight variation of this route this morning (in amazing April weather, of course!) and had a great time . . . though I don’t think my riding partner was quite as thrilled about McNary Pkwy. as I was. Definitely try and hit this ride when the skies are clear as we had numerous opportunities to view the surrounding volcanoes at various points on the ride. Both Touchstone and Turner were well worth the climbs – thanks for putting these great rides up on the web to share!

  2. Charlie Says:

    The first half of this ride was great, but the ride directions in Tualatin gave me a hard time. After a short ride on Boones Ferry Rd the directions indicate a left turn on 80th Ave, but in actuality there is no sign for 80th Ave on the road. I’m not sure where they got 80th from, so just look for Martinazzi. Following Martinazzi the directions indicate a right on Pima Ave. when in fact you should be taking a right on SW Pinto. I don’t recall seeing any signage for Pima at this intersection. After this everything seems more straightforward, though it’s hard not to miss a couple turns on a ride with roughly 90 in total.

  3. Jacob Says:

    Hi Charlie,
    Thanks for the suggestions. I made the changes. After creating the rides by physically riding the routes, I downloaded them to gpsies and then referred to Google maps for all of the street names to create the directions. So we do rely on folks like yourself to give us a heads up of any changes required, road closures etc, that we can post in the comments. It’s much appreciated.

    Hopefully one day, gps devices will be a dime a dozen and no one will have to refer to the turn by turn directions.

  4. Sean Says:

    Great ride with some fantastic views. It sure felt like the highest point was more than 730 ft though. An update- I rode it yesterday and Dollar Rd. is closed off of Borland Rd. However, if you continue on Borland you can take a left onto Ostman which will take you across Dollar to Blankenship Rd. Thanks for all the awesome rides.

  5. Raleigh Says:

    I ride a variation of this all the time- from the village of Willamette you can hook up with Johnson (one of my favorite roads in all of L.O.) till it ends at Stafford. Take a right on Stafford then the next left on Childs and you have several return options at this point. Iron Mountain Rd. is an easy ride back to downtown LO or over Mt. Sylvania or cross 5 to follow the original route.

  6. Paul Says:

    I rode this ride a couple days ago and was really impressed with the scenery and low-traffic roads on most of this route. I had no idea there was riding like this in the S/SW suburbs.

    Dollar Rd. isn’t just closed, but no longer crosses the river, so the directions should be updated to reflect this. It’s best to continue past the bridge and turn left on Ostman like Sean said in 2009.

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