Flat Flat Flat

Length: 37 Miles
Direction: Counter Clockwise with Counter Clockwise mini loop in the middle
Elevation Gain: 1200 ft
Highest Point: 466 ft
Recommended Gearing: Standard Gearing

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Numerous homes on the WillametteIf you’ve done a fair bit of riding in the greater Portland area, you already know that flat rides are few and far between. A common flat route on offer is a ride down Marine Dr towards Troutdale. However, there are other options, albeit limited, for flat riding. And we’re still going to do a bit of Marine Dr to make it happen.

This is a pretty good ride if you’re interested in doing some time trial work or are simply seeking an easier day terrain-wise. Start out at Mt Tabor Park and head north through the neighborhoods of the northeast. You’ll pass through Rose City Golf Course along the way so watch for anyone with a bad slice. Eventually, 33rd Dr will take you to Marine Dr. Here you’ll do the small extra loop that cuts through Delta Park. Watch out for foul balls this time.

Once you return to Marine Dr, you’ll have a long stretch here to meander along or get in a workout. Marine Dr and Lombard St take you around Smith and Bybee Lakes and into the St Johns area. Now hop onto Willamette Blvd and enjoy the views of downtown and the University of Portland. Once you arrive at the Hawthorne Bridge, head east via the Salmon St commuter route back to Mt Tabor. This part of the ride will have you gain a few hundred feet. But therein lies the difficulty of attempting a truly flat ride in Portland.

Rose City Golf CourseIf you want a flat ride, you'll need to ride past some industryDrop down to the Eastbank Esplanade right on the waterGreat view passing through Rose City Golf Course

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