Bike Paths Galore

Length: 37 Miles
Direction: Clockwise
Elevation Gain: 895 ft
Highest Point: 315 ft
Recommended Gearing: Standard gearing

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Portland is well known as ‘America’s Friendliest Cycling City’. Its enormous collection of bike paths is a testament to this distinction. The Bike Paths Galore ride is a 36 mile route that will take you along 5 different pathways around the east side of town.

Beginning on the Esplanade pathway underneath the Hawthorne Bridge, your journey begins at the Vera Katz bronze statue, placed in honor of the former Portland mayor who served the city from 1993-2005. Follow the pathway heading north along the Willamette River. After approximately a mile, continue on the path by turning left and dropping down to the floating bridgeway. Notice the poles that hold the path in place along the water. This section can raise and lower with the river as much as 10 feet!

Follow N Interstate Ave and resist the temptation to simply end your ride at the Widmer Brewery along the way. Eventually, you’ll work your way to Willamette Blvd. Turn Left here into the neighborhoods and enjoy the view overlooking the downtown area and Portland’s major shipping and receiving area. This is a port town after all. Did you know that this area is the original location of Portland’s airport?

Eventually, you’ll head past the University of Portland and wind up on the Peninsula Crossing Trail. Enjoy some more scenic pathways for about a mile until reaching the end at N Columbia Blvd. This is a busy road but you’ll only need to ride it for a ΒΌ mile. Work your way over to the I-205 along the Marine Drive pathway. Once you pass under the 205, crossing Marine Drive will place you squarely on the I-205 pathway heading south. Is that number 4 for bike paths? When you get to SE 92nd Ave, you’ll eventually join up with the Springwater Corridor pathway on your Right. If you reach Flavel St., you’ve just missed it. The Springwater Corridor is a converted rail to trail pathway that will take you all the way into the Sellwood area.

Enjoy the bubbler water fountain to rehydrate when you get back. It runs year ’round.

Start at the Vera Katz Memorial StatueThe Peninsula Crossing Trail keeps you on paths and off busy streetsFollow signs back to downtownFollow Greeley Ave to Willamette

3 Responses to “Bike Paths Galore”

  1. Dirk Alenduff Says:

    So I just went on this ride today. The one thing that you should look out for is the Peninsula Crossing Trail. They are on the rough and un-maintained. Made me think of the cobbles in the spring classics. Still would do it again.

  2. Megan Says:

    Just did this ride today…very nice. Nice way to connect all these paths. But note there is a wrong turn on the print-friendly directions. Where it says “At I-5 ramp/Marine Dr intersection turn Left to stay on path/sidewalk” It should say turn Right. Thanks

  3. Daniel Payne Says:

    I agree with Megan, please update the PDF download of the Print-friendly directions to correct for the wrong turn direction at Marine Drive. It should be a RIGHT turn, not a LEFT turn. Thank you.

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