Length: 29 Miles
Direction: Clockwise
Elevation Gain: 945 ft
Highest Point: 316 ft
Recommended Gearing: Standard Gearing

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I-205 Path through Mayberry ParkInterlachen Ln, implying land between lakes, divides Blue Lake and Fairview Lake by just a few hundred feet. A row of homes lie on this sandstone ridge making for a nice little community to pass through. And the Blue Lake Regional Park is literally just a stone’s throw away.

Start out at Mt Tabor Park and head north via the I-205 bike path. Before reaching Marine Dr however, exit the bike path and hop on Airport Way. There’s a reasonable bike lane on Airport Way and I found it nice to detour away from Marine Dr a little bit. We all need to change things up now and again.

Hop onto Marine Dr from 185th Ave and take it all the way into Troutdale. If you’d like to stop for coffee here, turn left on the Columbia River Hwy. Troutdale is a great little town for a stop and serves as the gateway to the Historic Hwy heading east. If you’d like to continue on the ride, turn right and veer onto Halsey St. At 232nd Ave, head north towards Blue Lake. Enjoy views of both lakes as you cruise along Interlachen on your way back to Marine Dr.

So that we’re not doing a complete out and back ride, turn down 185th Ave so that you can hop onto the I-84 bike path down the way. This will lead you back to Mayberry Park where you’ll rejoin the I-205 path for your trip home.

Happy to see safe bike lanes under bridgesHouseboats on the Columbia

3 Responses to “Interlachen”

  1. Stacy Westbrook Says:

    I rode this with a friend today…for the most part. We didn’t notice that Halsey and Columbia River Highway were the same road, so failed to turn right when we were supposed to and ended up riding on 257th. It would help if the printer-friendly directions made a note of that, so others don’t ride through Gresham and out to the Springwater Corridor (unless that was their plan).

    I’ll give it a try another day, and look forward to riding through Blue Lake!

  2. admin Says:

    Sorry to hear we steered you wrong! I’ll make a note to clarify the directions.

    edit: The print directions have been changed to note a turn on “Columbia River Highway / Halsey St.” (rather than just “Halsey St.”) Hopefully that will head off future unintentional detours.

  3. Bec Says:

    This was a fun route! I always love riding through Mayberry Park. Very cool seeing the homes on Interlachen Lane, and I also spotted some bee keeping in progress.

    It was a slight drag (being out of shape) to end the ride with the I-84 bike path–hard to get a second wind while biking along the highway– but I rewarded myself by returning home via Burnside, Davis and Everett once I reached Burnside again (instead of having to return home to the Laurelhurst neighborhood via Tabor). Even a few small hills seem substantial when your legs feel like they’ve lost their stuffing! :0)

    All in all this ride came in at about 36 miles from Laurelhurst Park, and was a nice training ride.

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