Leif Erikson Off Road

Length: 28 Miles
Direction: Counter Clockwise
Elevation Gain: 2119 ft
Highest Point: 1171 ft
Recommended Gearing: 39X23

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Relatively hard packed surfaceYou’ll start this ride at our regular location under the Hawthorne Bridge on the Eastbank Esplanade. Head into downtown and then ride north to Thurman St. Thurman will take you directly into Forest Park where Leif Erikson awaits. This is a great alternative to Skyline Blvd if you need a change or are craving a bit of off road riding that isn’t too crazy.

The trail starts out relatively wide and it is here where you will encounter most of the pedestrian traffic out for a walk. Keep an eye out for dogs also. This is a shared path and we all have to respect each other’s rights. After about a mile of the path, you will largely have it to yourself.

The path is easy to follow and really only has one intersection of note where it meets Saltzman Rd. Saltzman is a gravel road that essentially goes straight up through the park from Hwy 30 to Skyline. To stay on Leif Erikson, veer to the right. If you want to cut the ride short, go left following the Saltzman Rd sign.

Leif Erikson ends at Germantown Rd, about half-way up the west hills. Turn left here and finish the climb up to Skyline. Enjoy the smooth roads now heading back towards downtown. Drop down Thompson Rd and then go straight onto 53rd Dr (watch for cars). If this is your first time on 53rd, it certainly won’t be your last. The road undulates a little bit through the trees and then drops back down to Cornell Rd.

Cornell will take you back into town where you can stop in the Pearl District for coffee or head home.

Gratuitous dog in basket on top of mortorcycle photoSaltzman road goes left. Leif Erikson goes right

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