Marine Life

Length: 42 Miles
Direction: Clockwise
Elevation Gain: 1232 ft
Highest Point: 360 ft
Recommended Gearing
: 39X23 or equivalent

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Extend your ride if you like down the Historic HwyStart out on the Willamette River on the Eastbank Esplanade. Follow the path heading North and then hop onto Multnomah St past Lloyd Center. The route directions will help you negotiate this.

33rd Ave, and eventually 33rd Dr down the way, will take you up to Marine Dr. 33rd travels past many cool neighborhoods of the NE as well as past Kennedy School: a converted old schoolhouse that is now a restaurant and theater.

Marine Dr has a bike path for a good portion of its way out to Troutdale. Hop on and enjoy the views of the Columbia River as well as Blue Lake Regional Park. There are a number of house boats and seafood restaurants along the way also.

Troutdale is an historic town that serves as the entrance to the Columbia River Gorge and a ridiculous amount of great riding. Stop in if you like for a coffee and/or a pastry. I always get both but that’s just personal preference. From here you’ll get a little taste of the Historic Hwy as it runs along the Sandy River. Cross over at Stark St and make your way for home. You’ll eventually ride past Mt Tabor and then follow the Lincoln/Harrison commute route back to the Esplanade.

Downtown TroutdaleOld docks remain on the ColumbiaGet a close up view of planes landing and taking offThese geese didn't like the paparazzi

10 Responses to “Marine Life”

  1. Ian Mastenbrook Says:

    I rode this route today. It’s a pretty nice route except I stayed on Marine Dr instead of taking the little side bike path part of the way. The historic highway is great! I ended up taking a couple different streets home to Milwaukie. From Milwaukie it was a 60 mile ride. No major climbs at all!

    I’d also like to say Thank You for the producer of this website, these routes and my Garmin Edge are really what got me into road biking. It’s awesome to be able to just download the route right on my GPS instead of paying $20 for a book with paper routes. I don’t have much money to make a donation, but I just think this is one of the best websites I’ve ever used.
    Thanks guys!

  2. Jacob Says:

    Thanks Ian,
    I am really glad that Dave endorsed the project. I rode for two years with the books in my pocket and then got a Garmin. What a difference! The fun for me was actually doing every ride to create the maps. Additional credit goes out to Tom George, who compiled all of the ride info, map data and photos, and then built the entire website.

  3. Ian Mastenbrook Says:

    Yeah I bought a Garmin after getting lost all the time and pulling out my little Portland map. I have all the routes downloaded on my Garmin and I’ve rode most of them with the exception of a couple longer ones. I think it would be really cool if we were able to submit our own routes with links to GPSies and write a brief description of each route. And once you get a few more routes than it would be nice to see them organized by location. Sorry for posting this under here but I couldn’t find another place to say thanks

  4. Ian Mastenbrook Says:

    Also, the iPhone app seems to only let you create your own route, not let you follow routes. Just thought I’d share you that with the page about the GPSies app

  5. admin Says:

    Ah, good to know about the iPhone app. I’ll change the instructions, and we’ll hope they release a version that can upload and follow tracks as well. As to your request for feature that lets Rubber to the Road users upload and share their own rides, I’m all for it, if people will use it. I’ll talk with the powers that be about the possibility.

  6. Barney Says:

    I did this ride today and I have to say that although I enjoyed most of it some of it was downright scary! Getting out of the Pearl and out to 33rd was sketchy at best. Then 33rd is awful until you get past Columbia. Fast traffic, no bike lanes etc make it a bummer unless you are early on a weekend morning. Also, on your way back in on Burnside, don’t take 76th by Mt Tabor, just stay on Burnside and follow the bike route, it is a much more bike friendly route and meanders through many pleasant neighborhoods. Much nicer than Lincoln!!!

  7. Jacob Says:

    Thanks Barney. I hope that you happened upon a particularly busy traffic ride. I had a good experience in mapping the route. Also, Lincoln has recently received new markings on the road further designating it as a bike route. However, always best to defer to your own judgment and take the parts of a ride that you enjoy the best!

  8. pocket bikes manual Says:

    33rd Ave, and eventually 33rd Dr down the way, will take you up to Marine Dr. 33rd travels Marine Dr has a bike path for a good portion of its way out to Troutdale. I rode for two years with the books in my pocket and then got a Garmin.

  9. Kyle Says:

    Did this one today. A rock slide blocked part of HWY 30. Had to turn around, go back to Troutdale, and my map showed Bruxton would hook with with Stark. Quite a climb that is. Found Stark to be boring and the area a bit sketchy, it gets better on Burnside as you get closer to the river. Started from Mississippi Ave so I went straight up to Marine drive and skipped 33rd. 46 miles total. Great ride and will try again so I can see more of HWY 30.

  10. Lindsay Says:

    Saw several riders just stay on the road at the start of the Marine drive part which seemed easier than switching back and forth from bike path roadside. I found the ride on Stark to be quite difficult as it was under construction just past Mt Hood CC and required all sidewalk riding. I bailed out at 257th and headed back to Marine Drive with a bypass around the Troutdale airport due to heavy truck traffic at that junction under 84. Wont be eager to do this ride again soon, but overall a good place to get miles in.

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