Mt Scott Adventure

Length: 33 Miles
Direction: Clockwise
Elevation Gain: 1982 ft
Highest Point: 1073 ft
Recommended Gearing: 39X25

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From Flavel you'll see these towers way up there. That's the topSo you’re feeling like you could climb Everest but you only have a couple of hours to spare? How about ascending mighty Mt. Scott instead?

Some quick navigation of the neighborhoods east of Mt Tabor will lead you to 92nd Ave. If the I-205 path is reopened from the MAX line construction, hop on if you like. Otherwise, you’ll find an adequate bike lane down 92nd for most of its distance.

Turn onto Flavel St and pass under the I-205. Now look up, way up, to the radio towers at the top. There lies your peak: Mt Scott. Engage a nice low gear and begin the climb remembering that the view at the top will be worth it. If it’s cloudy or raining, well, you’ll still have a mighty tale to tell. And feel free to embellish the story later. Unlike Everest, you won’t have a sherpa lugging your stuff to the top. You’re going to do it yourself.

Mt Scott doesn’t give up easy though. When you think you’re done, she has you dip down one more time, only to immediately climb up again. This is your Hillary Step so be brave and finish it off. Now post your flag in someone’s yard, snap some photos and then get out of there before the weather turns.

The descent down Idleman is quick and fast and it will take you back to 92nd/Bob Schumacher Rd. Head south, cross over the I-205 and then hop on the bike path. It ends at 82nd Dr but starts up again after crossing the I-205 once more. After passing through Cross Park, River Rd will lead you back towards home. If people are staring at you as you ride by, it’s not because you are wearing lycra. In fact, word has probably filtered down already that you’re the cyclist that beat the Mountain.

After passing through Sellwood, the Springwater Corridor will take you triumphantly back to 92nd Ave, and the rest is history…

Submarine outside OMSI on the EsplanadeThe Willamette

4 Responses to “Mt Scott Adventure”

  1. Mike Westby Says:

    This is a great climb with a consistent grade.

    The first part of the climb up Mt. Scott Blvd. doesn’t have much of a shoulder, so here’s a great tip to make the ride better and safer. After you pass under I-205, take the first left onto Knapp Road. This lightly traveled road with plenty of room winds its way up through a quiet neighborhood and turns into 105th before dropping you back onto Mt. Scott Blvd. at the cemetery about 1/3 of the way up the hill.

    Remember…Rule #5!

  2. TWA Says:

    Rode this little spin today and enjoyed it. I love that these rides take me to places I have not visited in my 50 years of living in this city. I enjoyed the diversity of hoods as you roll from inner pdx to tabor, Lents, etc. Nice to have the steady climb in the early stage of the ride. Particularly enjoyed rolling along the Clacky R on River Rd. Thanks for laying down the track.

  3. Adam and Chris Says:

    Just did this last weekend. A great ride! I second what TWA is saying. The Mt. Scott climb and the River Rd section are really nice. The end of the route hits the Springwater path at Sellwood, making it really easy and pleasant to roll back to inner Portland.

  4. Todd Says:

    Don’t be fooled by the addition of Mt Scott – this is a fully urban ride. I did this ride yesterday and have to say it’s one of the worst rides I’ve done in a long time! The ride up (and then down) Mt Scott is definitely a highlight, but a relatively short part of the entire ride. The ride itself is punctuated with a stop light, or stop sign, which you will hit literally every 5 to 10 minutes… basically, every time you get into a groove and get your HR up, it’s time to stop and watch traffic. The I205 corridor is exactly as it sounds – a road that runs along a superhighway.. less than thrilling (also of note, there was construction, and detour where the corridor got down towards Clackamas). River Road was another highlight — not super beautiful, but I was finally able to ride for an extended period without stopping. Finally the springwater corridor, though many people love it, I found pretty darn boring. It’s completely flat, and filled with other riders/walkers/runners; and there’s no view (at least the east-side esplanade has the river). It’s great for families, but not where you want to be if you like riding 20-25 mph on the flats. I would definitely encourage people to take a different route all together – or just hit Mt Scott and ride back home!

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