Old City Tour

Length: 17 Miles
Direction: Clockwise
Elevation Gain: 1101 ft
Highest Point: 556 ft
Recommended Gearing: standard gearing

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St Andrew's on 76th AveThe Old City Tour ride is a short adventure that is perfect for those who want an easy day on the bike, and also for those who really enjoy looking at the older neighborhoods of Portland. Beautiful homes abound as you wander through some of our most historic areas.

This ride begins in Mt Tabor park but also passes by our other regular start location on the waterfront, on the Eastbank Esplanade under the Hawthorne Bridge. So you can start wherever you like. From the east side of Tabor, climb up into the park and then drop down the west side onto Salmon St. After crossing 60th Ave, you’ll be gently descending all the way to the waterfront. You’ll pass many older large homes in this area on your way to the Hawthorne area. Then drop down to the Lincoln/Harrison commuter route that runs straight into Ladd’s Addition.

Named for a former Portland Mayor, Ladd’s Addition was inspired by Pierre L’Enfant’s plan for Washington D.C. The diagonal streets contrast the grid pattern that dominates the east side of town. Ladd Circle Park lies in the middle of a large traffic circle. The streets stretch out from here to various rose test gardens. I highly recommend arriving in Ladd’s Addition, taking note of Ladd Ave as your exit, and then venturing through the neighborhoods here. Each street offers its own bit of history to enjoy.

Once you’ve left Ladd’s, head to the water front on the Eastbank Esplanade. There are numerous historical sign posts along the path as it heads north towards the Steel Bridge. Then Interstate Ave will take you up to Failing St. A pedestrian bridge crosses the I-5 and drops you into the Mississippi area. Numerous shops and other businesses have moved into this neighborhood recently making it a new trendy area to visit.

More beautiful neighborhoods await along Knott St, Tillamook and Thompson. Then 33rd will take you down to Laurelhurst Park. Now work your way back to Mt Tabor where you’ll do a lap of the park to finish up the ride.

Garden above the Steel Bridge33rd AveMt Tabor in the morning. Wow.Two of the reservoirs in Mt Tabor

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