Petes Mountain

Length: 48 Miles
Direction: Clockwise
Elevation Gain: 2961 ft
Highest Point: 832 ft
Recommended Gearing: 39X27 or equivalent

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Note: While the Oregon City Bridge is under construction, cyclists may need to wait for a shuttle to get them across the Willamette River.

Great view at Cross ParkBeginning near Mt Tabor Park, the ride first heads south on 92nd Ave to its end at Sunnyside Rd. Here you’ll cross over the I-205 and hop onto the I-205 bike path. The path briefly ends at 82nd Dr but begins again once you cross the 205 further down. Eventually you’ll turn onto 82nd Dr again and follow it to the end. The route directions have you turn right and head through Cross Park and Clackamas Blvd. As another option, continue straight and follow the bicycle detour signs across the pedestrian bridge. Burned in 2006, this bridge was closed for over 2 years and showed no indications of being repaired. However, I stumbled upon it, open for business, recently. If you do want to take it, just continue on the bike path through the park and exit on Main St. Otherwise, follow the original directions, exiting the 99 at Dunes Rd, which loops around to become Main.

Once in Oregon City, cross over the bridge and turn left onto Willamette Falls Dr. Drop down 12th St and do a quick loop of Willamette Park. You can skip this if you like and follow Tualatin Ave onto Petes Mtn Rd, however the park offers a very nice view of the river that shouldn’t be missed.

And now the climb begins. Try and take a peek to your right now and again for some great views of the area. When you reach the top, turn right onto Buckman where you’ll continue to gain a little elevation yet. Don’t miss the magnificent stallion rearing along this road on one of the properties. There’s a few other very interesting pieces of artwork as well.

Take Stafford Rd towards Lake Oswego, crossing over the I-205. I had taken this road many times but always neglected to explore Johnson Rd. On this occasion, I made the turn and was extremely happy that I did. Yet another twisty road with limited traffic in the area. Then turn down Tualatin Loop, which is like a hidden cove. The road narrows to the width of a bike path here as it negotiates its way between the trees and then pops out again on Johnson.

Head back to Willamette Falls Dr and then follow your outbound route until reaching River Rd. You’ll be on River Rd for a while until detouring off and passing through Waterfront Park. Then 17th Ave will take you close to the Springwater Corridor.

Hop off the path on Johnson Creek Blvd and follow 45th Ave into the neighborhoods heading north. From here you’ll work your way up to the Mt Tabor area and enter the park on Salmon St. Climb through the park and then drop down Yamhill back to the start.

I-205 Path south is loud but efficientA great viewKeep an eye out for this stallionPetes Mountain is a great climb...

4 Responses to “Petes Mountain”

  1. Raleigh Says:

    Another option if you want to include one more modest but beautiful climb is to climb up Wisteria from Johnson and drop down the other side of the ridge on Hidden Springs to 43. This climb is a popular route for LO cyclists and has few cars and nice views going up Wisteria and from the top of Hidden Springs. Turn right on 43 and you’ll be right back to the route.

  2. Marc Says:

    I added the Pete’s Mountain/Schaeffer/Stafford section to my normal weekday ride down in the Oregon City area. Granted my timing (mid-afternoon on a weekday) was less than ideal but I found this route incredibly crowded with traffic. I abandoned the route while still on Stafford in search of quieter roads. This route has great potential and I am interested in exploring additional roads but will probably choose to do so on a weekend morning in the future.

  3. Jacob Says:

    Thanks Marc. Yes it is understandable that some of the rides will experience traffic at certain parts of the day. While I tried to avoid busy roads, it is not always possible. However I did endeavor to do it for only a short distance.

  4. Kristen Says:

    The residents of Pete’s Mountain request that cyclists heading up the hill (and down the other side) please use bright red blinkie lights on the back of your bicycle.

    Pete’s Mtn Rd goes in and out of dark shade and bright sun, and there’s no shoulder to speak of.

    I would say that while the traffic loads may seem less than on other roads, these roads are 45-mph roads (the official speed in Clackamas County when the speed is unposted), so please use caution.

    Note: The residents don’t mind you riding up there, they just want to see you.

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