Boring? Hardly Short Version

Length: 61 Miles
Direction: Counter Clockwise
Elevation Gain: 4200 ft
Highest Point: 1341 ft
Recommended Gearing: 39X27

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Hard to beat the scenery out hereAs you could gather from the title, this is a slightly shorter version of the Boring? Hardly ride. The out and back portion of George Rd is excluded but the very best portions of the ride remain. You will still spend your day riding through unbelievable forest, grinning ear to ear, while climbing 1500 ft less on the day.

Although this ride does not continue to Eagle Fern Park, you may want to quickly stop in for water there, as it is only a few hundred feet past the turn at Kitzmiller.

Visit the Boring? Hardly description for more details.

I can't imagine a better time of yearA clear day and Mt Hood stands at attentionEagle Fern Rd awaitsButler Rd

8 Responses to “Boring? Hardly Short Version”

  1. David Guettler Says:

    An alternative starting point for this and other eastside rides is the Springwater trail. This rail-to-trails multiuse path starts around Sellwood and stays off all roads until the pavement ends at Rudd Road and Telford, almost to Boring.

  2. scott mares Says:

    Great ride. Lots of climbing. Take a map with you though. So many trees can’t see any peaks.

  3. Karsten Says:

    How do I download this ride onto my Edge 705?

  4. admin Says:

    Hi Karsten,

    Garmin files for this ride can be downloaded here:

    Given your Garmin email address, I suspect you won’t have trouble choosing a file type, but we do have an instruction page for the Garmin Edge 705 here:

    If you see anything we can correct or improve, please let us know.

  5. Jacob Says:

    Hi Karsten,
    This is a gorgeous ride with tons of climbing and scenery. One of my favorites of all time.

  6. Pete Says:

    what a great ride! lots of punchy hills and a few long climbs. if you feel like adding in some dirt (i did) you can jump on the springwater trail from 272nd on the way back towards town. its hard packed gravel for a while before you hit pavement.

    now i just need to work up the courage to take on the long version!

  7. Paul Says:

    Wonderful ride. Great variety and technical climbs / descents. Check the weather ahead of time. Some of my group was caught without long sleeves and we got a little chilled when the fog rolled in on Eagle Fern Road.

    There were two tricky parts to watch out for:

    1) There is a decent on SE Howlett Rd where you come off the ridge just before it turns into Eagle Fern Rd. Howlett Rd crosses Wildcat Mountain Dr. in the middle of the decent. It’s a stop-sign before a flat road on the bottem of a good hill. Caution here.

    2) Take care on Highway 211/HWY 172. The shoulder is small and well graveled in places. Speeding trucks make you say on your toes. One of the guys I was riding with almost got hit with a wing mirror from an F-350 on that stretch.

    That aside the rewards are awesome. The Tickle Creek road portion is some of the best riding I have found. Good climbs, descents, rolling hills and lots to see. The view of Mt.Hood at the end of the road is totally worth the entire trip.

    Ride safe!

    I loved this route so much I did the longer version too. I’ts great, but the added sights are well covered by the short version. Do it if your looking for another good climb, not for the sights. You’ll get your fill on this route.

  8. Jarred Says:

    Road this today, great ride once away from the urban sprawl. I would use the Springwater for as much of the close to town riding as possible. Division, Burnside and Powell all pretty much sucked as they are busy, dirty, and BUSY. Springwater covers similar terrain and is a breeze. The backroad portion of the ride was awesome and there were almost no cars out there! Kitzmiller is a climb! Not too steep, but longer than expected. The Eagle Creek area is beautiful. Thanks for posting all this info on the web!!!

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