Carver Loop Variation

Length: 56 Miles
Direction: Counter Clockwise
Elevation Gain: 3848 ft
Highest Point: 764 ft
Recommended Gearing: 39X25 or equivalent

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A little bit of hills and a little bit of barn countryThe Carver Loop Variation ride is only 5 miles longer than the original version. However it takes in an additional 600 ft of climbing. Essentially, where the original version meanders along Hwy 224 and then heads home, the Variation ride stays rural and finds more climbing to do. One particularly “interesting” hill is 232nd Dr off of the 224. This is the quickest and most efficient way of getting up to Hwy 212. Straight as the crow flies and straight up too! But like any climb, a steady pace will always result in you arriving at the top so stick with it.

Then, off of the 212, the twisty roads of Sunshine Valley and Borges Rd will help you forget about 232nd. I rode past Sunshine Valley repeatedly until I bought a GPS unit and had the courage to take a new adventure. I quickly lamented having not taken it in the past 2 years. Hop on Foster Rd after descending Tillstrom to head back to town. Keep an eye out for 158th Ave. This little road hooks up with the Springwater Corridor to get you back to 92nd Ave.

Have a look at the Carver Loop description for more details.

New pavement on Fischers Mill RdThere are numerous water crossings in this area

4 Responses to “Carver Loop Variation”

  1. David Guettler Says:

    An alternative starting point for this and other eastside rides is the Springwater trail. This rail-to-trails multiuse path starts around Sellwood and stays off all roads until the pavement ends at Rudd Road and Telford, almost to Boring.

  2. Dave Miles Says:

    I rode this route yesterday, with a bit of added length and climbing. After crossing the Clackamas river, turning up the road and right on S. Hatten Rd, the next right is marked Forsythe on the Cue Sheet. On Google Maps it’s marked both Forsythe and Gronland Rd., but the sign says Gronland. I ended up going out to Fischer’s Mill and came back via Redland and Boreland roads to hook back into the route. Approximate mileage until next turn would be helpful on the cue sheet. The hill up 232nd is indeed “interesting”, and the ride has beautiful scenery and fairly low traffic.

  3. Jacob Says:

    Sorry about that. We’ll update the turn by turns. Distance to next turns would certainly be useful but would’ve been a monumental effort. I don’t sell Garmins but do energetically suggest to anyone that they can make the rides much simpler and worry free

  4. Scott Says:

    This is definitely a nice ride for getting some good climbing in on backcountry roads. However, so much of it is on roads with no meaningful shoulder that I’m not inclined to ride it again unless 1. I start the ride very early on a weekend (e.g, before 7am) and 2. I’m riding with another person (I find drivers are less likely to harass me when I have potential witnesses nearby).

    There were quite a few enormous pickup trucks (some towing horse trailers) on this ride, and several sketchy situations where a car or aforementioned pickup had to abruptly stop right behind me to allow an oncoming vehicle to get by. There is little room for error, and I found there was enough traffic to make the ride more stressful than I prefer.

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