Rock Creek with Rocky Point Extension – Directions

Length: 48 Miles
Direction: Clockwise
Elevation Gain: 4600 ft
Highest Point: 1522 ft
Recommended Gearing: 39X25

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Tips for the ride: Riding in the west hills is just spectacular. Part of the reason for this is that it takes you up in elevation over 1000 ft, upwards of 1500 ft. Expect the temp in all seasons to be 5-10 degrees cooler here and have another layer to put on for the descent home.

-Begin on the Eastbank Esplanade Bike Path under the Hawthorne Bridge at the Vera Katz memorial statue

-Proceed South on the Eastbank Esplanade Path and follow signs indicating crossing the Hawthorne Bridge traveling Westbound.

-After crossing the Hawthorne Bridge, leave the sidewalk onto SW Main St

-Right on 12th Ave (Note: Main St may be closed at time at Broadway Ave. If so, turn Left on Broadway, Right on Jefferson St and then Right on 12th Ave)

-Left on Taylor St

-Right on 18th Ave

-Cross Alder and Burnside St to stay on 18th Ave

-Left on Johnson St

-Right on 24th Ave

-Left on Lovejoy St

-Right on Cornell Rd

-Right to stay on Cornell Rd

-Follow Bike Route signs on Cornell Rd to bike paths to avoid tunnels

-Right on Thompson Rd

-Right on Skyline Blvd

-Cross Cornelius Pass Rd (BUSY)

-Left on Old Cornelius Pass Rd

-Right on Rock Creek Rd (small road. Look for sign on the left side of road)

-Left on Elliot Rd

-Left on Skyline Blvd

-Follow Skyline to the end at Rocky Point Rd

-Turn around and follow Skyline back (additional option if you’re done with hills is to descend Rocky Point Rd to Hwy 30. Follow Hwy 30 to Germantown Rd and proceed with rest of ride)

-Cross Cornelius Pass Rd (BUSY)

-Left on Germantown Rd

-Right on Bridge Ave

-Left onto St John’s Bridge/Philadelphia Ave

-Immediately after bridge, Right onto Syracuse St

-Right on Burlington Ave

-Left on Willamette Blvd

-Right to stay on Willamette Blvd at Portland Blvd

-Right on Greeley Ave

-Veer Left to stay on Greeley Ave and avoid I-5 on ramp. Bike lane indicates veering left also

-Right on Interstate Ave

-Interstate becomes Pacific Hwy/Interstate

-Veer Left on Interstate to avoid Larrabee Ramp

-At Interstate and Lloyd Blvd, enter sidewalk on SW corner and follow signs to Eastbank Esplanade

-Turn right on path to take bridge over rail tracks and descend to Eastbank Esplanade. (TAKE CAUTION on this right hander by taking turn very wide. The sidewalk drops here much like a step and can be avoided by taking the turn wide)

-Follow Esplanade path back to start

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