iPhone users

— Thanks to Rubber to the Road reader Matt Freeman for providing the instructions below.

To upload a Rubber to the Road route file to the iPhone:

1. Open the GPSies app.
2. Ensure the map is centred in the area you want the ride to occur in (I make the map as large as possible usually)
3. Tap the “Search configuration” icon on the bottom (looks like a magnifying glass with a gear on it)
4. Select “All” for type of route.
4. Move the slider to the maximum distance you want.
5. Under “Route name or description”, enter the first word of the route name (for instance, “Carver”)
6. Under “Routes of user”, select “Only by this user”
7. Enter “rubbertotheroad” (no spaces) on the line below “Only by this user”.
8. Choose “By bike” in activities.
9. Tap the Map button in the too left corner of the screen.
10. Tap the search magnifying glass next to the start button. It’ll show you icons for the all routes with that name, by distance.
11. Tap the route you want. The route details/profile will come up.
12. Add it to your collected routes by tapping the “download” button on the bottom (star with an arrow pointing down).

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