Downloading Routes

Since all the rides on are cross-listed on, you have access to coordinate-based route files for a number of GPS-capable devices.

With a supported device, you can follow your progress on a detailed map, or get turn-by-turn directions as you ride. We can’t guarantee any device to work perfectly with these rides, but we’ve had good success with the Garmin Edge. For full, turn-by-turn directions, we recommend the Garmin Edge 605 or 705.

To download a route file for your device, view the Rubber to the Road ride directions for your ride of choice. Once the GPSies-powered map has loaded (it may take a moment), find the drop-down menu located next to the ride title at the top of the map. Choose the correct type of file for your device, and click OK. Depending on your device, you will either download the file directly to your GPS device, or first to your computer. Consult your device manual for more information.

Alternatively, you can follow the link marked “View map and ride data at” on the Rubber to the Road page for your desired ride. At you’ll have access to a larger map, lots of ride data, more download options.

To view a list of all of the Rubber To The Road rides on, click here.

Visit the Garmin Edge Info page for specific instructions on downloading ride files to the Garmin Edge.